Chiller Efficiency Program

This program is intended to benefit the owners and operators of buildings who use water-cooled chillers. Qualifying water-cooled chillers are eligible to receive cash rebates. To participate, customer submits applications and LADWP issues a quotation letter detailing the amount of the estimated rebate. When LADWP receives a copy of an executed purchase order for the new chiller, utility sends customer an Eligibility Letter reserving funds for the estimated rebate. After all required factory and field testing is completed, LADWP provides a customized Energy Efficiency Agreement detailing information about the chiller, installation schedule, and final rebate amount. Upon successful installation and start-up, a field inspection is conducted. The final rebate is based on the actual size and efficiency of the new chiller as measured by the factory test. Program goals are to reduce peak demand cost effectively by promoting the installation of high-efficiency chillers at the time of natural replacement.

Program Profile