Goal is to achieve reduced operating costs, electrical savings and energy management for commercial, governmental and industrial customers; make consideration of energy efficiency options an integral part of the design process; influence architects, engineers, and building design community to incorporate energy-efficient design, strategies, and equipment in the early design phase, therby raising the energy eefficiency of normal building practice.

Design 2000plus provides financial incentives and technical assistance to developers, customers and design professionals to encourage the use of design features and electrical equipment that optimize energy efficiency in their new construction, renovation or remodeling projects. These services also target equipment replacement opportunities.

-Technical consulting services to developers and their design teams to help them attain higher levels of efficiency in their building designs
-Financial incentives to help defray the cost of more energy efficient equipment and systems
-Design incentives to allow engineers and architects to evaluate energy efficiency options
-Commissioning Services to verify that newly installed systems are operating according to specifications
-Ballast Recycling so customers dispose of ballasts in an environmentally responsible manner
-Financing to assist customers in maintaining positive cash flow

Program Profile