New Construction Program

The purpose of NSTAR Electric’s Construction Solutions program is to encourage the adoption of design features and selection of equipment that optimize the efficient use of electricity. The ultimate goal of the program is to change the design and construction process so that the practice of designing and building for energy efficiency becomes the industry standard. To maximize the overall energy efficiency of a building it is critical to be involved in the design process as early as possible. This program encourages customers, developers, design professionals and equipment vendors to select high efficiency equipment and promotes more energy-efficient designs for buildings and electrical and mechanical systems. This umbrella program replaces the former “C&I New Construction” program and focuses on lost (i.e., time-dependent) opportunities. In 2003 this program will be divided into three distinct tracks: New Construction, Equipment Replacement, and Municipal Buildings. The program offers C&I customers the opportunity to receive financial incentives, technical assistance, and commissioning services for projects involving new construction, major renovation/remodeling, new equipment purchases and end-of-life equipment replacements.

Program Profile