Crosscutting Advertising Best Practices Report

The Crosscutting Advertising Best Practices Report (Volume O1) presents a comparative analysis of five energy efficiency, conservation and peak load reduction advertising programs which varied in scope, target market and goals. The programs include a general branding campaign to both residential and commercial customers, residential load-shifting and efficiency actions and programs and advertising business efficiency actions and programs. The breadth of the programs allowed for a broad view of the field and for general best practices across a range of advertising types to be culled and made available for use in planning future efforts. Four key crosscutting themes that affect multiple program components were identified: energy efficiency advertising usually includes aspects of a specialized field called social marketing; the social marketing challenges, when combined with the oversight requirements typical for energy efficiency programs, result in the need for strong planning, design, tracking, and evaluation; and efficiency advertising programs require strong cross-functional and cross-organizational coordination.

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