Energy Star Residential Lighting Program

The Northwest Energy Efficiency Alliance’s ENERGY STAR Residential Lighting program is implemented throughout the four Northwest states (Washington, Oregon, Idaho, and Montana) by contractor ECOS Consulting, Inc. The program is based on the theory that acceptance of high efficiency residential lighting products will be helped by increasing the visibility of the ENERGY STAR brand in local retail outlets, where consumers can easily acquire information about the technology and available products. The Lighting Program began by successfully addressing barriers relating to CFL availability from manufacturers; it now focuses on using an expanded retail presence to address customer barriers, including first cost, concerns about light quality and issues regarding convenience and compatibility with existing household lights and light fixtures. Additionally, the program addresses retailer concerns about the marketability of CFLs by providing training, product information, and marketing support.

With the shift from the original upstream, manufacturer incentives to the retail-based strategy, it was imperative to address the needs of a variety of retail players in the market. A market analysis identified four important market channels including Do-It-Yourself, Mass Merchandisers, Hardware, and Lighting Specialty. The program targets these market channels with five broad categories of activities: (1) field support, (2) cooperative marketing fund, (3) promotions, (4) coordination with national programs, and (5) websites.

Program Profile