Residential Efficiency Products Program

The overarching goal of Efficiency Vermontís Efficient Products Program is to transform the retail market for energy efficient residential lighting equipment and appliances. The program uses a combination of customer incentives, retailer support, and broad-based marketing to encourage more frequent and routine purchasing of energy efficient products. The Efficient Products Program includes lighting and appliance components built on predecessor utility programs that served most of Vermontís residential electric customers. The program is part of the regional marketing and planning efforts coordinated by the Northeast Energy Efficiency Partnerships (NEEP).

The programís objectives are to: (1) increase market recognition of ENERGY STAR labeled products; (2) increase the level of awareness and knowledge of consumer benefits of compact fluorescent lighting and energy-efficient appliances; (3) increase the level of customer adoption of efficient residential lighting and appliances, (4) increase retailer and dealer stocking and promotion of efficient residential lighting and appliances; and (5) increase the use of efficient lighting and appliances in multifamily and institutional residential markets. This review focuses on the first two years of the program, from its inception in March 2000 through May 2002.

Program Profile