Change A Light Change the World

The Midwest Energy Efficiency Alliance’s Change-a-Light Campaign seeks to increase consumer awareness of CFLs through targeted advertising efforts, point of purchase coupons and through the involvement of retailers and manufacturers. This campaign is timed to coincide with the Environmental Protection Agency’s national Change-a-Light campaign.

The program is focused on market transformation and works directly with manufacturers, distributors, retailers and promoters to secure participation in the program and coordinate a regional marketing and rebate campaign over a limited time. The program seeks to increase consumer awareness and prove to manufacturers and retailers that the Midwest is a viable market for efficient lighting products. In 2001 the program had a specific unit sales goal of 150,000 CFLs but also sought to raise awareness of the benefits of efficient lighting, demonstrate profitability and public relations benefits to participating retailers, expand the selection of CFLs on store shelves and establish a new low price point for CFLs.

Program Profile