Energy Star Lighting

United Illuminating’s Retail Lighting Program is designed to support the development, introduction, sale and use of energy efficient, high quality residential lighting products through national, regional and local market distribution channels. The overarching goal of the program is to facilitate market transformation for residential lighting through creating and sustaining positive change in the residential lighting market by increasing the availability, consumer acceptance and use of energy efficient lighting products. United Illuminating works in cooperation with the regional lighting working group facilitated by Northeast Energy Efficiency Partnership (NEEP) to work with manufacturers and retailers to increase the manufacturing and distribution of lighting products that have not yet been accepted as well as the spiral CFL. The program offers instant point of purchase rebates for ENERGY STAR labeled fixtures and CFLs and mail-in rebates. Program staff works with retailers and suppliers to encourage them to participate in promoting and stocking ENERGY STAR products and conduct special events for their customers that emphasize the value of ENERGY STAR products.

Program Profile