Residential Single-Family Comprehensive Weatherization Best Practices Report

The Residential Single-Family Comprehensive Weatherization Best Practices Report (Volume R4) presents a comparative analysis of six residential single-family comprehensive weatherization programs, each of which has the goal of improving the overall efficiency of single-family homes. These programs focus primarily on resource acquisition – achieving cost effective kWh savings through installation of specific measures. Typically, the cost effectiveness of individual measures is determined measure by measure, with the most cost-effective measures being eligible for rebates, incentives, or loans through the weatherization program. Six key themes that affect multiple program components were identified: contractors were commonly used; issues of diminishing returns affected implementation; leveraging a variety of funding choices proved important; long-term commitment to the sector was beneficial; monitoring and controlling the impact of free-ridership helped contain program costs; and including ENERGY STAR® rebates and market transformation efforts supported the business development of weatherization contractors.

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