Residential Audit Programs Best Practices Report

The Residential Audit Programs Best Practices Report (Volume R7) presents a comparative analysis of six residential audit programs, each of which focused on or included residential audits and targeted opportunities for retrofits as well as behavioral changes among residential customers in existing homes. Program scope ranged from the provision of information only to a more comprehensive approach to help homeowners identify and implement energy efficiency measures, including insulation, lighting, HVAC, appliances, and others. Four key crosscutting themes that affect multiple program components were identified: the extent to which audits led to implementation of recommended measures was a key differentiating feature; program philosophies were rarely spelled out in program plans or statements of intent; a suite of well-designed, field-tested audit tools was available to support almost any level of analysis of residential audit programs due to the maturity of these programs; and comprehensive, easily accessible tracking systems were critical to a complete understanding of audit program success.

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