Energy Star Homes Program

The goal of Oncor’s ENERGY STAR® New Homes Program is to support Oncor’s overall efforts to meet the energy efficiency goal mandated by SB 7 (1999), the act which enabled retail electric competition in Texas. Part of SB 7 required distribution utilities to achieve a annual energy efficiency goal equal to 10% of the yearly growth in peak demand. Achievement of the goal is measured by reduction in summer peak demand. The programs that can be utilized to achieve the goal are standard-offer programs and market transformation programs. The ENERGY STAR® New Home Program is one of several program “templates” that were pre-approved by the Public Utility Commission of Texas. Oncor selected this program for implementation because of the high level of residential construction activity in the service territory, the significant opportunities for increased efficiency levels in residential new construction, prior experience in implementing new construction programs, and the marketing potential of ENERGY STAR®. The objective of the program is to transform residential construction practices in the Oncor service area, and to achieve significant reduction in summer peak demand and annual energy consumption.

The program provides incentives for builders to produce ENERGY STAR®- rated single-family homes. The program budget includes incentives to builders, marketing, advertising, training and support for HERS raters, and measurement and verification. (No direct incentives are provided to end-users.) Compared with conventional homes, ENERGY STAR® homes typically have: more efficient HVAC systems; tighter duct systems and building envelopes; and more efficient windows. In 2002, 6500 homes were built, with an average impact of 3800 kWh and 1.14 kW per home. The 6500 homes built in 2002 represented a market share of approximately 17%.

Program Profile