Study Objective

The overall goal of this Energy Efficiency Best Practices Study is to develop and implement a method to identify and communicate excellent programmatic practices nationwide in order to enhance the design of energy efficiency programs in California. In particular, program implementers supported through public goods funds in California will be encouraged to use this Study’s products, along with other resources and their own knowledge and experience, to develop and refine energy efficiency programs.

This study is intended as a first-order effort to identify successful program approaches through systematic cross-program data collection and comparative analyses. The study does not expect to produce a census of best practices across all types of programs. Such an approach would be neither practical nor useful given the number of programs that exist; the many differences in policies, goals, and market conditions around the country; the unique needs and market conditions in California; and the importance of encouraging innovation, which by its nature sometimes requires attempting approaches that are not yet proven. If the framework and results of the study prove useful, future phases of the work can expand the number and types of programs covered.