The methodology used to analyze and identify excellent programmatic practices is described in the document linked below. Because this is one of the first efforts of its type in the energy efficiency program industry, the Study has a strong methodological focus and involved extensive in-depth interviewing with program managers throughout the United States. Topics discussed in the Methodology include the following:

  • Study Approach
    • Overall approach and definitions of terms
    • Program decomposition, outcome metrics, and contextual characteristics
    • Benchmarking approaches
    • Component-level benchmarking metrics
  • Program Selection
    • Defining and selecting program categories
    • Program screening and selection method
    • Selected Programs
  • Data Collection
    • Needs Assessment
    • Literature Review
    • Program Population Data Collection
    • Program Benchmarking Data Collection
      • Benchmarking Survey Instrument
      • Data Collection Challenges and Lessons Learned

Methodology PDF